Breast Reduction Recovery Photos

Breast reduction recovery photos – are photographs taken by patients during recovery after breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty). This article contains a gallery of photos of real patients. The photos are at the bottom of the article, but first a brief summary of the recovery.

In the first few hours after breast reduction surgery, you can experience quite intense pain, but analgesics can help you, and the next day you can go home.

All medications should be agreed with the doctor. Rehabilitation after breast reduction requires a careful and careful approach, so before the surgery you should prepare comfortable clothes and shoes for yourself, because your movements will be limited: for example, hand movements will be limited for three weeks.

While You Are Healing From Boob Reduction, Take Your Temperature Regularly

Immediately after the operation to reduce the breast, you must wear a special bandage that fixes the correct position of the breast: a light gauze dressing, elastic bandages or a special compression bra. This underwear should be worn for 3-4 weeks around the clock. It is advisable to have 2 pairs of such clothes, because it will have to be washed.

You may notice that your chest after the operation has become very sensitive to touch, it seems swollen and numb, so the first week after the operation the patients sleep on their backs, putting the pillows under it, which will help reduce the postoperative edema of the tissues. You can take a shower the day after the operation, when you make the first dressing, however, it is forbidden to use a sponge, squeeze and rub the breast.

An Elevated Temperature Could Mean An Infection

You can start playing sports not earlier than 3 months after the operation: the load needs to be increased gradually, it takes about three months after the breast reduction, so that the scar tissue acquires its full strength.

The breast will be sensitive to the sun for about a year after the operation: use sunscreen, do not remove clothing covering the chest.

The main result of the operation is a reduction in pain in the neck that arose because of the excess weight of the breast. The breast takes a final, natural appearance after about 2-3 months, although the scars can be quite visible and after that, up to 2 years, until they finally ripen.

After breast reduction, as after every surgical operation, there is a risk of complications that are divided into those that occur immediately after surgery and those that occur after a certain time: you should be notified of this.

Initial Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery

The main complications for breast reduction are: inflammation, bleeding (rarely and usually does not require additional interventions, and sometimes requires up to a blood transfusion), hematomas (do not affect the outcome, are treated without surgery). Infections are treated with antibiotics, but in rare cases, patients turn to surgery.

Changing the sensitivity of the skin and nipple is restored for half a year in most patients, but you should be aware that a full loss of nipple sensitivity is possible: it is impossible to determine if the nipple sensitivity will come back to you, so you should think carefully about how important this function is for you, and Are you ready to sacrifice.

The surgical suture is not removed, as it, after some time, dissolves in the body itself, but sometimes the scars remain visible, differ in color, structure: in this case, surgeons resort to surgical intervention. Some areas of the skin can heal longer than others.

What To Expect While Healing After Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery does not increase the risk of breast cancer. The possibility of breastfeeding remains, but when removing a large amount of glandular tissue, the risk of losing the ability to breastfeed increases.

The seals that arise inside the breast (partial necrosis of fat cells) can be eliminated with the help of surgical intervention. After breast reduction surgery, the mammary glands may be somewhat asymmetric, but this asymmetry almost completely disappears after 6 months.

Only in rare cases remains a small difference in the size and shape of the breast, because such asymmetry was in the patient before the operation.

Necrosis of the nipple or skin flaps does not occur if the markings and operation were performed competently by a qualified surgeon.

The effect of the operation is not preserved forever, since there are no muscles in the chest and it eventually begins to sag due to age-related changes, as well as due to depreciation.

Breast reduction recovery gallery: