Breast Reduction

Big breasts can cause discomfort, both psychological and physical. Many women decide on breast reduction to become more attractive.

Breast reduction is almost as popular as breast augmentation. After all, we all, somehow, strive for the ideal proportions of the body.

In plastic surgery, breast reduction is one of the directions devoted to the correction of the size and shape of the mammary glands.

The medical name of the procedure is reduction mammoplasty.

What problems can be solved with breast reduction?

Reduction Mammaplasty Before And After Photos

To begin with, let us consider the causes of excessive breast growth:

  • Hormonal changes that occur in the body of a woman;
  • Puberty;
  • pregnancy;
  • overweight;
  • Endocrine disorders.

Breast reduction also has medical indications. In the event that the excessively large mammary glands cause a violation of posture, do not allow to lead an active lifestyle (exercise, dance), cause problems with the selection of underwear, the doctor may suggest solving the problem through surgical breast reduction.

Breast Reduction Incisions

Excessively large breasts adversely affect the spine and may cause stoop. Such breasts also cause the formation of diaper rash, which can significantly spoil the daily joy of life.

From a psycho-emotional point of view, a large breasts can also disrupt the quality of life. Girls with large breasts in adolescence are often subject to ridicule, and in adult life they face offensive remarks. Big breast can cause a woman not to be able to wear the clothes she would like. These and other reasons can induce a woman to reduce breast.

Many women do not know how to reduce breasts, try to buy pulling underwear, which can adversely affect their health. Breast reduction with the help of plastic surgery will solve all the problems of a large breast without harm to the patient’s health.

Reducing The Size Of Large Breasts

It should be understood that breast reduction is not a synonym for breast augmentation, but is a completely different kind of operation. By the way, breast reduction is performed even for men. Usually the indication for this is the presence of a disease such as gynecomastia.

Preparation for surgery

Breast reduction is carried out after a series of preparatory measures, which include a mandatory ultrasound and consultation with the breast physician.

During the consultation the plastic surgeon explains, what kind of results we can expect, and the possible degree of risk. Consultations with the surgeon are conducted until the patient’s desires coincide with the possibilities that a plastic surgeon can offer.

Breast Reduction The Pre-operative And Post-operative

Also at the preparatory stage, a breast examination is performed, measurements are taken, nuances of the operation associated to the patient’s age characteristics, the general condition of the skin, the size and shape of the mammary glands are discussed.

Breast reduction can be combined with correction of the nipple and areola. In some cases, an additional breast lift is performed to obtain the optimal result. The main indications for breast reduction are very large (cup sizes larger than a D, but everything depends on the physique of the patient – for a fragile woman and cup size of a C cup may be too large), as well as a hanging chest.

In some cases, breast reduction is required only after pregnancy and lactation, when the large breasts lose their original height and begin to sag. An obligatory condition for carrying out reduction mammoplasty is the end of the process of formation of the mammary glands, that is, the age of at least 18 years.

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But there are exceptions: sometimes breast reduction is carried out and adolescent girls, if the formation of too large mammary glands threatens with a violation of posture, it causes constant pain and low self-esteem.

Breast reduction is contraindicated for patients, who soon planning a pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Also, it is not recommended to perform surgery for people who have pronounced signs of obesity of various degrees, heart disease, kidneys, respiratory system.

Breast reduction step by step

A Reduction Mammoplasty To Re-size Enlarged Breasts

Breast reduction involves the removal of adipose tissue, as well as breast tissue, tightening the areola and nipples. After this, the pieces of skin around the areola are combined, thereby forming a new contour and shape of the breast.

Special cosmetic threads are used when connecting the tissue. Sutures are located around the areola, with vertical lowering to the pectoral fold.

In the presence of indications, liposuction of the breast and areas close to the chest are additionally performed.

The duration of the operation is from one and a half to three hours. Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia.

Recovery after breast reduction

Candidates For Breast Reduction Surgery

In the first days, after the operation, patients have slight pain, bruises, swelling in the breast. The doctor will prescribe painkillers and antibiotics. Breast reduction, like other plastic surgeries, will require the restriction of exercise for 7-15 days.

It is strictly forbidden to lift any gravity and conduct active physical activity within a month. Also mandatory is the wearing of compression underwear (from one and a half months). Surgical sutures are removed after one to two weeks.

Like any surgical operation, breast reduction has its own general surgical risks. In most cases, the duration of side effects depends on the individual characteristics of the organism for recovery. However, doctors as much as possible relieve unpleasant symptoms.

Possible side effects and complications:

Pictures Of Male Breast Reduction

Temporary loss of sensitivity of the skin in the breast and nipples areas. During surgery it is often necessary intersection nerve branches passing near the skin mammary areola and nipple.

This causes a decrease in the sensitivity of the skin in the field of surgical intervention, which eventually normalizes. This complication is characteristic of a reduction in the big size of the breast, since in this case the movement of the nipple and areola occurs only after they have been separated and transplanted to a new location.

Reduction Mammaplasty And Tummy Tuck

Postoperative scars. Scar formation in this type of operation is due to the nature of the operation itself, as surgical intervention was performed. Usually a highly professional surgeon carries out a breast reduction, after which scarring is practically invisible. However, it is worthwhile to know that smoking, infectious diseases, bleeding can significantly affect the complications associated with scar formation.

Attractive, symmetrically proportional breasts are the main goal of reduction mammoplasty, while at the same time standard “big chest” problems such as back pain, diaper rash under the mammary glands are eliminated.

Breast reduction in combination with a breast lift allows you to give your breast exactly the size and shape that you have been dreaming about for so long.

Breast Reduction Areola Incision

Women around the world are thinking about how to reduce breast. There are many methods for this, but the most effective and safe is breast reduction with the help of plastic surgery. Only in the US this operation is performed annually by more than 100 thousand women (statistics of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons).

Breast reduction: the cost of surgery.

The price of the operation depends on several factors:

  • The chosen technique of operating.
  • Complexities of operation and its combination with other procedures (for example, with a breast lift – mastopexy).
  • Individual features of the recovery period of the patient.
  • Clinic locations and the quality of medical equipment.

The current price for breast reduction is indicated on the price page. The plastic surgeon will be able to calculate the exact cost of the operation individually at the consultation.