Breast Reduction Prices

Here you can find out how much a breast reduction costs in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Dominican Republic, Mexico and other countries. We have collected a list of prices for you. These prices were taken from official sites of surgeons and also from the realself web site.

Today, there are quite a few clinics involved in breast surgery. All of them have different tariffs for this type of operation.

At the same time, the cost of surgery in some clinics may include additional costs: stay in the clinic, compression linen, medications, dressings, etc.

Therefore, when choosing a clinic, you should take this fact into account and specify, what exactly is included in the price of the operation.

Photo Of Breast Reduction Surgery

The price of breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) directly depends on the complexity and additional effects, such as excision of the lobes of the breast, breast lift, the formation of a new nipple, the movement of the areola, and so on. The final cost will be known only after visiting a plastic surgeon.

Women, who want to increase their breasts, even do not know about the complexities and inconveniences that can be experienced by owners of excessively big breast.

Big breasts delight men and sometimes cause envy in women, but there are times when their owner does not share these emotions.

Excessive forms can cause serious problems both from a medical point of view and from an aesthetic one.

Having More Beautiful Breasts Does Not Always Mean Having Bigger Breasts

Therefore, plastic surgery has developed a technique called reduction mammoplasty or, more simply, breast reduction.

Breast reduction: indications

When the weight of the breast is more than 500 grams, there is a risk of various physiological disorders in the body. Some of them are relatively harmless, others may even be dangerous, so breast reduction can not be called an exclusively aesthetic operation, it is often a real salvation.

So, indications for carrying out reduction mammoplasty are:

  • Gigantomastia, macromastia
  • Changes in posture and excessive strain on the spine
  • The displacement of the body axis.
  • Pain in the breast, neck
  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
  • Mammalgia
  • intertrigos in the crease of breast

Boob Reduction Is A Cosmetic Surgery Procedure That Reduces The Size And Weight Of Large, Heavy Breasts

The appearance of an excess amount of breast tissue is sometimes the result of mastopathy and obesity. In this case, the surgical method of breast reduction should be combined with therapeutic measures to eliminate the very cause of the disease.

Aesthetic indications for breast reduction

  • Different volumes of mammary glands
  • Ugly breast shape
  • sagging
  • Stretching of the skin (breasts seem to hang on the tissues of the upper gland region)
  • Difficulties in choosing clothes
  • Unpleasant pain and traces of wearing a bra
  • Constant irritation and inflammation due to friction under the mammary glands.
  • Limited physical activity and sexuality.
  • Personal dissatisfaction of the patient with its shape, breast size.

Contraindications to reduction mammoplasty

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Before And After

Breast reduction is carried out in patients whose age has reached adulthood. It is necessary to know that after the operation, the sensitivity of the nipples and nearby tissues may be lost, since in some cases the integrity of the milk ducts is impaired. In very difficult surgical procedures, it becomes impossible to breast-feed, so it is recommended to perform this procedure after the birth of children.

Breast reduction is not performed in the following cases:

  • Diabetes
  • Violation of blood clotting
  • Presence of neoplastic diseases
  • Venereal diseases
  • Somatic diseasesAfter lactation less than 12 months.

Bust Reduction To Alleviate Physical Symptoms Such As Back, Neck Or Shoulder Pain, Shoulder Grooves

Breast reduction does not provoke the emergence and development of cancer cells, so the onset of cancer due to breast recuction is impossible.

Anesthesia for reduction mammoplasty:

Breast reduction is a complex and time-consuming operation that requires the use of general anesthesia. Anesthesia of two types is used: intravenous or endotracheal.

At the final consultation with a doctor determined not only the method of operation, but also the type of anesthesia and its volume. The patient is informed of all the nuances of breast reduction, including the use of anesthesia.


Breast Reduction With Lift By Dr. Michelle A. Spring, MD, FACS, Missoula Plastic Surgeon

The general process of reduction is as follows: excess tissue of the mammary gland, fatty tissue is removed, then the breast of the necessary size, volume and shape is formed. Plastic surgery has developed various ways of carrying out this type of surgery.

The most common mechanism of breast reduction – this incision around the nipple, it is moved, and then, depending on the specific amount of excised holding incision up muscle tissue cavity (or not reaching it), or down to the skin fold under the breast.

Next is performed excision of fat and glandular tissue, the removal of excess tissue.

After these manipulations, the nipple and areola occupy a new position, and the operation ends with the application of intradermal sutures.

Sometimes breast reduction is carried out in conjunction with the procedure of a breast lift. In this case, after removing the excess tissue held still and suturing the incision, removal overstretched skin.

Breast Reduction With Dr Diana L. Elias, MD, Saint Petersburg Plastic Surgeon

On average, the operation lasts about two hours, but depending on the amount of intervention, the characteristics of the patient’s body, and the complexity of the formation of a new breast, this time can vary considerably.

One of the main criteria for the qualitative implementation of breast reduction surgery is carrying out all the necessary manipulations in one stage, correction of the mammary glands should not and can not consist of several operations.

Recovery period

After the operation, the patient is in a hospital under the supervision of medical personnel. The next day the doctor conducts an examination and decides on the issue of discharge.

For several weeks a woman should wear special compression (supporting) underwear, avoid habitual physical activities, do not lift weights. At first, the patient may be worried about swelling, bruising, bruising, pain, but special underwear helps in quickly getting rid of them and in restoring and normalizing all processes.

Breast Reduction Scar Photo

Sutures are removed after 10-14 days, and the final formation of a new breast can be judged after about six months.

How much is breast reduction surgery?

Perhaps, the most popular operation in plastic surgery is breast augmentation surgery.

Often, however, the female representatives interested in the opposite procedure, namely breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Before After By Dr Joseph Poggi, MD, Wichita Plastic Surgeon

The question “How much is breast reduction surgery?” Is very often seen on forums and on the websites of clinics for plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Often, women with very large breasts feel discomfort and feel more flaws, than the benefits of a large size.

Therefore, often this time the question is “How much is breast reduction surgery?”, Because the operation to reduce the size of the breast can significantly facilitate the life of a woman.

If you are interested in the cost of breast reduction, then you should see the prices that we have collected for you in this topic.

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