Can You Reduce Breast Size Through Exercise?

Exercise Has Minimal Effect on Breast Size

There are no exercises that can have a significant effect on the size or shape of the breasts. Exercise can improve muscle tone of the chest wall muscle (pectoralis major) but it will not significantly increase chest size and has no effect on breast tissue so there is no change in shape.

To the extent that exercise along with dieting can lead to overall weight loss, it can also decrease breast size to the same extent. For example if one loses 10% of their body weight then approximately 10% of breast volume will also be lost.

As a sole means for breast reduction, exercise will be largely unsatisfactory.

Surgery is the best way to achieve appreciable breast reduction. It also allows reshaping of the breasts which tend to sag in cases where the breasts are very large.

Exercises Such As Pushups, The Chest Press And The Chest Fly Are Beneficial Pectoral Exercises

In those cases when breast shape is good and the skin retains reasonable elasticity, breast liposuction alone can often deliver very good results without the traditional breast reduction scars. (Alexander G. Nein, MD, MS, FACS, Nashville Plastic Surgeon)

Breasts are made up of glandular breast tissue and fat. The proportions vary between individuals and hence weight loss variably affects a woman’s breasts as it is the fatty component that will generally decrease. If you lose weight, you may lose volume from your breasts but it will not lift them.

In fact, with a large amount of weight loss, the breasts will likely deflate and droop. Exercising to build up the underlying muscle does not have an effect on the breasts. Exercise to improve your general health and once you reach your ideal weight, then reassess your breasts.

It is also at this ideal weight that surgery is best undertaken to guarantee best result if it is indeed the path you require and wish for. Dr Kevin Ho. (Kevin Ho, MBBS, FRACS, Sydney Plastic Surgeon)

How To Reduce Your Bust With Exercise

Exercise will build your muscle only. If you also lose weight your breasts may be smaller but the skin will remain and they may be more saggy. Liposuction may help depnding on how much fat you have and the position of your nipples (A. Dean Jabs, MD, PhD, FACS, Bethesda Plastic Surgeon)

Exercise will not change breast shape or size.

Exercise will not affect the shape of the breasts. Losing weight may make the breasts smaller, but many of my patients report having large breasts that are unaffected by weight loss. Surgery is the only way to reliably make the breasts smaller.

This results in a lift as well; the nipples will be higher, and the breast will sit higher on the chest wall after surgery. (Jennifer Greer, MD, Cleveland Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Reduction Exercise

Building pec muscle with not affect the overlying gland. However, you may have improvement if you are at your optimal weight. (Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS, West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon)

Reduce Breast Size For Aesthetical Reasons

No Exercise Will Reduce the Breast

Unfortunately, there are no exercises which will help you reduce your breast the way surgery will. Surgery will give you a lift and reduction at the same time, sculpting the breast to a more youthful shape. (Gary Lawton, MD, FACS, San Antonio Plastic Surgeon)

Exercise and Breast Size Are Related

Unfortunately, chest exercises don’t have any discernible effect on the breasts — whether it be enlarging them, shrinking them, or lifting them. That’s because strength exercises that focus on the chest actually only strengthen the muscle beneath the breast, not the breast tissue itself.

However, exercise can help you lose weight, which in turn may shrink your breasts. (Arthur M. Cambeiro, MD, Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon)

No exercise of the chest will reduce the breast…..but cardio may help if there is an above average weight and one loses weight in the breast. Overall patients with extremely large breast will benefit from a breast augmentation that decreases the weight and size and can reduce symptoms and lifts them at the same time. (David Liland, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

The Best Exercises To Reduce Breast Size

Chest exercises will certainly not do anything to lift or shrink breast size. Chest exercises with strengthen the muscle but that will not do anything to the overlying fat and glandular tissue that the breast is composed of.

Weight loss generally will allow for some reduction in the size of the breast however will generally not change the shape or sagging of the breast. A breast reduction with decrease the size, and at the same time, reshape and lift the breasts. (Sam Gershenbaum, DO, Aventura Plastic Surgeon)

No amount of exercise will lift your breasts. Weight loss may make them loose some volume but that will likely make them sag a bit more. (Luis H. Macias, MD, FACS, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)

Exercising prior to breast reduction will decrease body fat if your diet is in check. As a result, because the breast is composed of fat and breast tissue, your breasts will probably lose some size.

The Quickest Way To Reduce Breast Size Is Going Under The Knife

Probably not enough to make a big difference and will not result in lifting your breasts, in fact, they could potentially become more saggy. A breast lift or reduction will lift your breasts and make them look more perky.

I would say that there is no replacement non-surgically what a breast reduction surgery would accomplish. (Joel B. Beck, MD, FACS, Bay Area Plastic Surgeon)

Exercising to reduce breasts

Since there are no muscles in the breasts, exercise will not shrink or tighten your breasts. Should you loose weight with exercising, you may loose some in your breasts. A breast reduction surgery will accomplish what you want by reducing and lifting your breasts.

Without surgery, only a bra or tape will lift your breasts. I suggest speaking with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your needs. (Connie Hiers, MD, San Antonio Plastic Surgeon)

Training Is Designed To Condition Your Muscles

If you lose weight, the size of your breasts may decrease, but this will not improve the sagging of your breasts. Significant lifting of the breast requires surgery. (Ralph Trey Aquadro, MD, Auburn Plastic Surgeon)

You may be able to lift and reduce your breasts from exercise if you have a significant amount of fat in your breasts and good skin elasticity. Either way, it is great for you overall if you are in great physical shape and close to your ideal weight. (David Stoker, MD, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)

Exercise Has Value…just not for this

Fortunately, exercise has a lot of benefit. Unfortunately, changing the position or shape of the breast on your chest wall is not one of them. Weight loss or gain effects the breast size significantly in some women but not all.

Exercise For Breast Reduction

A breast reduction surgery includes a lift of the nipple as well as the breast tissue and can truly change a woman’s life. Pain and recovery seems to be less than people expect (though still not insignificant) and women who suffer the symptoms of large breasts get relief immediately. (Jeremy Pyle, MD, Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon)

Exercise can lead to a reduction in weight and an improvement in muscle tone, which can subsequently help reduce bust size. Exercises that can help strengthen and tighten chest muscles include pushups, chest presses with light weights, chest flies, and pullovers.

Wearing a sports bra during and after exercise can help support chest muscles as well. (Norman G. Morrison, MD, FACS, New York Plastic Surgeon)

There is absolutely so chest exercises to reduce one’s breast size. However, after a breast reduction or breast lift, one can do exercises on their pectoralis muscle to increase body shaping and fitness. One can only look better with added exercise to their daily routine with any procedure. (Norman M. Rowe, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

How To Reduce Your Bust

No amount of exercise will affect the size or position of the breast. You need a breast lift/reduction or liposuction only breast reduction. Sorry, surgery is the only way to reduce breast size. (Kurtis Martin, MD, Cincinnati Plastic Surgeon)

Chest exercises won’t change your breast size

Unfortunately, doing chest/pec exercises won’t decreases the size of your breasts. The breast gland sits on top of the muscle and isn’t affected by how strong or weak the underlying muscle is. The goals of breast reduction surgery are to decrease the volume of the breast and to improve the shape of the breast.

The shape is improved by moving the nipple and breast tissue back up onto the chest where they belong. (Damian Marucci, MBBS, PhD, FRACS, Sydney Plastic Surgeon)

Many Women Wish To Reduce Their Breast Size

Unfortunately chest exercises won’t reduce your breasts

While exercise in general will likely result in weight loss, and weight loss for most women results in some decrease in breast size, specifically targeting the breasts for weight loss by doing chest muscle exercises is fruitless.

Additionally, once the breast tissue is lax and stretched out and the skin is saggy, there is no exercise that will change that, and unfortunately the only effective way to deal with this is breast lift or reduction.

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the good news is that these operations are very successful on the whole. (Joseph L. Grzeskiewicz, MD, San Diego Plastic Surgeon)

It Is Not Necessary Nor Recommended To Do Breast Exercises Before A Breast Reduction

The Amount Of Weight In The Breasts Is Causing Severe Back Pain

Breast reduction surgery is a great procedure to both reduce size of the breasts and at the same time lift the breasts. It is not necessary nor recommended to do “breast exercises” before a reduction.

I am not knocking going to the gym or getting in shape but this will do absolutely nothing to tighten or lift the breasts. It actually sometimes almost worsens the situation. As you burn fat from around the breast and chest area it can make the breasts sag more since the skin does not have enough elasticity to shrink as the breast fullness gets diminished with weight loss.

Fortunately, the breast reduction surgery removes excess skin as well as breast tissue, leaving the breasts perky again. The breast tissue is centered higher up on the chest into the normal location and the nipple is elevated in position so that it faces forward instead of downward.

The Size Of Your Boobs Varies Based On Genetics, Pregnancy And The Amount Of Fat In Your Body

This gives the breasts a more youthful and pleasing appearance. Of note, if you have a reduction and then lose a significant amount of weight while getting into shape, you may have some degree if recurrence of sagging.

After weight loss and toning you can see a significant change in the size of your breasts and it is possible that you may only need a lifting to reshape the breasts. It all depends on the relative percentages of your breasts that are fat versus actual breast tissue.

If possible, making these changes preoperatively will make for a more lasting result from your breast surgery. (Marie E. Montag, MD, Omaha Plastic Surgeon)

Exercise and reduction of breast size

Exercises to work on the breast/chest area will likely not directly reduce the size of your breasts. However, the actual act of exercising may promote weight loss, which will in turn lose weight in your breast area as well.

If you do not get the results with weight loss alone, a breast reduction/lift would serve to reduce your breast size, raise your nipple-areolar complex to an appropriate position, and likely ameliorate some other issues such as neck/back pain, rashes beneath your breasts/infections, shoulder grooving from bras, and fit better in clothes. (Lewis Albert Andres, MD, Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon)

Exercises Have Little Effect on the Overlying Breast Tissue

Exercises that develop the pectoral muscles have little effect on the overlying breast tissue. An aggressive exercise program may result in weight loss and this might decrease the size of the breast. Unfortunately, this won’t help your breast sag, and might actually make it worse. There are obvious benefits of exercise, but these will not impact the breast.(Richard J. Bruneteau, MD, Omaha Plastic Surgeon)