How Much Does A Breast Reduction Cost On Average?

The average cost in NY is between $10,000 and $12,500 depending on the length of surgery and facility charges.

However, before assuming that your insurance will not pay for the procedure, do your homework.

Research their guidelines and, if medical management is required, then follow through.

The insurance companies put hurdles in your way for a reason. They hope that you’ll pay for the surgery yourself now instead of trying to follow their rules.

It’s an expensive surgery so check your insurer’s website, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and don’t hesitate to pursue preauthorization of benefits. (Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Breast reduction procedures generally cost ~$7500 in my part of the country, including anesthesia charges. Please call several doctor’s offices near you to get a better idea of what you would pay. (George Sanders, MD, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon)

22 Year Old Woman Treated With Breast Reduction By Dr Andrew T. Cohen, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction surgery has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates in all of plastic surgery. It is a fantastic operation and patients love the cosmetic and functional benefit they receive from the procedure. As a surgeon, it is one of my favorite procedure to do because patients are so pleased and transformed from the procedure.

The other docs observations about insurance companies failing their responsibility to their insureds by denying a BBR claim are accurate. My advice observation in that is next to impossible to get a safe BBR approved for patients in a timely manner.

You should consider paying out of pocket for the procedure, rather than waiting for your insurance company. Costs run between $6500-8000, which includes any liposuction that you might need to improve breast and lateral bra-roll contour.

22 Year Old Woman Treated With Breast Reduction With Doctor Chad Robbins, MD, Nashville Plastic Surgeon

If you are over 40, or have a strong family history of breast cancer, get a mammogram prior to consulting with a plastic surgeon. (Scott C. Sattler, MD, FACS, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

Breast reduction costs $8000-12,000 for the total package

Breast Reduction surgery is very commonly not covered by insurance. They have totally unrealistic expectations for removal of tissue. Because of this fact, most offices have created a package price for non-covered reductions. The common prices for surgery, anesthesia and facility range from $8000-12,000. (David A. Dreyfuss, MD, Orland Park Plastic Surgeon)

Breast reduction costs in Plano and Flower Mound

We charge $9350 and up for breast reduction on average. This includes the surgical fee, AAAASF-accredited facility, M. D. anesthesiologist, liposuction of the torso adjacent to the breasts, and all postoperative visits. (Ronald Friedman, MD, Plano Plastic Surgeon)

23 Year Old Woman Treated With Breast Reduction By Dr. Jeff Angobaldo, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Often times, insurance companies will pay for breast reductions. Usually a letter from the doctor’s office and corroborating documentation from other treating physicians usually help get it approved. In NY I would say that surgeon breat reduction fees are about $10-15,000 that does not include anesthesia or facility fees if paid out of pocket. (Steven Wallach, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Breast Reduction Cost in Baltimore

The cost for a breast reduction in my Facility includes the following: Total cost= surgeon’s fee + OR + anesthesia. At my AAAASF accredited surgery center in Baltimore, our total breast reduction cost is approximately $6000 total. If you do not have insurance, this amount can be financed.

If you are approved by insurance they will usually pay the majority of the cost. However, the usual requirement in Maryland is that you must have at least 500cc of breast tissue removed from each breast as well as a history of back pain, neck pain, and other clinical symptoms. (Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD, Baltimore Plastic Surgeon)

Many factors involved, some fixed and others depend on your anatomy and medical condition if not covered by insurance. The technique of reduction (Wise pattern or anchor scar versus vertical or keyhole scar versus liposuction) also contribute to cost as one technique may take longer than another; larger breasts mean longer operating room time to complete the surgery; whether the surgeon operates in a hospital or in a surgery center are also issues to take into consideration. (John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Cost of a breast reduction is variable

Breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, may sometimes be covered by one’s health insurance plan. Having said this, many plastic surgeons do not participate with insurance plans. Insurance companies require patients to meet certain guidelines to qualify for a breast reduction.

Cost Varies With The Extent Of The Breast Reduction

They will require that the patient meets certain height and weight requirements and also require that a certain weight of breast tissue is removed from each breast prior to paying for any procedures. (Sanjay Grover, MD, Orange County Plastic Surgeon)

Average Cost varies by surgeon and geographic region.

Just as with any service, the cost of breast reduction varies depending on the surgeon performing the procedure and the geographic region. You can predict that a plastic surgeon in rural Idaho will likely charge less for a breast reduction than a plastic surgeon in Manhattan with more sizeable overhead.

Insurance companies in the US have very strict criteria for coverage of breast reduction.

In addition to symptoms of neck pain, back pain, rashes underneath the breasts, and shoulder grooving from bra straps, the surgeon must remove at least 500 grams (over 1 pound) of tissue per breast.

Extent Of Breast Reduction Procedure

In patients who are 5’2″ or shorter, the required weight drops to 350 grams per side. Non insurance covered breast reduction costs can range from $5,000 – $10,000, depending on surgeon and location. (James C. Grotting, MD, FACS, Birmingham Plastic Surgeon)

Breast reduction costs a little less than $10,000

Breast reduction surgery is usually covered by insurance, but the insurance companies constantly change the rules regarding the conditions under which it is covered.

These cases vary a great deal but will probably run you around $10,000 (when you pay cash) by the time you add all the costs into the equation. (John P. Di Saia, MD, Orange Plastic Surgeon)

Insurance companies are adopting very strict criteria to cover for a breast reduction. Even when all criteria are met, they still might not pay it!! A pre-authorization will also not help because they come back and claim it is a cosmetic procedure.

Fees Include Anesthesia, Which Ranges From $1,000 To $1,500, And The Facility Fee, Which Ranges From $500 To $2,000

My advice is to try to check with them on the proper documentation required, if you feel they will not help you, do not waste your time and plan for the surgery as a cash payment.

It is more painful to think they will cover and get the bills later; I would rather you plan for it. Financing options are making this more affordable. In general, an average of $7000 will cover it. (Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS, Orange County Plastic Surgeon)

Unfortunately, many medical insurance companiee are pulling away from covering breast reduction surgery. More unfortunately, those who still do cover it generally only pay the doctor a tiny fraction of the bill. It takes 3+ hours in most cases for a well skilled plastic surgeon to do a full breast reduction because of the shaping and sewing needed to give you the best result.

He Surgeon’s Fee Is The Most Difficult To Predict Without First Knowing The Extent Of The Procedure

You should save your money and go to the best person because you only want to do this once. The cost would vary widely depending on your region, whether it was done in a physician’s office surgery center or a hospital setting.

Total costs all included would probably range from $10-20,000. (Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)

The fee you will be quoted will depend on many factors including the state/city, whether the procedure will be done in an office facility or an ambulatory surgery center, or a hospital, skill of the surgeon.

In 2016, the average surgeon cost was $5400. On average, you would add another $2000 for the facility fee (hospital, etc) and the anesthesiologist. So the total would be around $7400. It will vary a lot from doctor to doctor so expect a range somewhere between $6000-$10,000. (Sirish Maddali, MD, Portland Plastic Surgeon)

The Average Reduction Mammoplasty Cost Varies From $5,000 To $7,000

Breast reduction cost depends on the region

It depends upon where you would be having the procedure done. Typically the surgeon’s fee in the southeast is $5000 – 6000 with anesthesia and OR fees being $1500 – 3000. I would guess that in California, it might be more than this.

Check with a plastic surgeon that has a certified OR in his facility, as costs sometimes can be controlled more at a private center. (Scott Tucker, MD, Winston Salem Plastic Surgeon)

The average cost of surgery varies in different locations and between doctors. However, you should expect to pay in the range of $6,000 to $12,000. Factors would include the surgeon fee, the hospital fee and the anesthesia fee.

Please don’t make your decision just on price. However, due to the current economy, the surgeon will likely work with you to make the surgery happen. Also, there are financing options available through companies like Care Credit to help spread out the payments. (David Shafer, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

The Cost Of Reduction Mammoplasty Involves Three Fees – The Anesthesia Fee, The Facility Fee And The Surgeon’s Fee

Breast Reduction Dallas/Plano/ Frisco

If breast reduction is not covered by your insurance plan or you do not meet their sometimes ridiculous criteria,the surgery can be performed as a cosmetic procedure. Costs inclusive of anesthesia, facility fee and surgeons fee can run between $6000 and $10,000.

There are a number of financing plans that are available from companies such as that have reasonable terms. I find breast reduction surgery to be a very gratifying in that in addition to relief of physical symptoms, it enhances a womans self confidence and often opens up a whole world of wardrobe options dresses, swim suits etc that one may have been to self conscious to wear with large breasts. (J. Michael Morrissey, MD, Plano Plastic Surgeon)

Generally breast reductions are covered by insurance. If you go for a consultation to a Plastic Surgeon their office staff should be able to help guide you through the process of having your surgery approved by your insurance company. (Francis X. Fleming, MD, Kennewick Plastic Surgeon)

THe average cost of breast reduction varies significantly depending on exactly what is necessary and who is doing the procedure. The cost typically ranges from $8000-15000 or more depending on the situation. (Scott E. Newman, MD, FACS, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Average Cost of breast reduction

If this is ” cosmetic ” i.e. the insurance refuse to cover the procedure because not enough breast tissue to justify it, count around $ 8500 for all inclusive costs as an outpatient procedure in a Downtown Chicago Hospital.

24 Year Old Woman Treated With Breast Reduction With Dr Bryan D. Oslin, MD, Nashville Plastic Surgeon

if you have large, heavy, pendulous breasts, we will write a letter of medical necessity to your insurance for pre-approval. (Florence Mussat, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

If you were to have this procedure done as cash pay, the costs will certainly vary depending on your location. Most breast reductions are covered by insurances if you meet the criteria for symptomatic large breasts, except, of course, there is an exclusion criteria in your contract.

Things to factor in for the breast reduction standpoint will be the facility fee, anesthesia fee, hospital stay fee (if postoperative stay is required, but unlikely), surgeon fee, other fees (e.g., pain pump, surgical garment, etc.)

It would behoove you to get quotes on this and discuss with your surgeon cost as an aesthetic procedure. A range in cost is ~$5000-15000 is not unreasonable. On average, $6000-7000 is reasonable. (Lewis Albert Andres, MD, Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon)

Even though your insurance may not cover it, it is still worth it to actively and persistantly pursue this avenue. Find out if this procedure is included in your plan. Some plastic surgeons offices have personnel dedicated to acting on your behalf with the insurance companies.

Don’t assume it will not be covered. If, in fact, it is not covered, the cost varies according the region and the physician. In New York City, it might cost around $12,000-$18,000. The top surgeons of course charge the most. (Tracy Pfeifer, MD, Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)