Laser Bra Surgery Reviews

Laser Bra = sales ploy

When you see something with a catchy name that only one or two surgeons is doing, you can pretty much bet that it’s a marketing gimmick. In many cases, these fancy things are procedures that most of us already do – we just haven’t bothered to give it a cute name and start telling the public that it’s a great thing.

The laser bra is a name for the use of a laser to remove the skin from the breast during breast reduction. It is thought that the heat from the laser may cause some collagen deposition, which MAY lead to some skin tightening—but nobody has ever proven this, and nobody, to my knowledge, has ever shown long-term results using this technique that are superior to the results of other techniques.

A Laser Can Be Used As A Part Of Any Breast Reduction Procedure

Find a few surgeons who interest you. Meet with them; look at their before/after photos. Many of us have a lot more photos in our office books than we have online, by the way.

Then schedule with the surgeon who makes you feel comfortable and who answers all your questions. (Carmen Kavali, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Laser bra surgery – dont fall for gimmicks

There are many options today for breast reduction surgery. Be wary of marketing gimmicks and unproven technologies. When discussing this surgery with your plastic surgeon, make sure that he or she is very experienced in all the different techniques that are proven to be effective.

To ensure that your breast has a youthful and full appearance internal suturing of the deeper breast tissue is important. This restructuring may be performed with sutures or even with the laser. However, the toll that is used is not as important as the technique employed.


In our practice, patient benefit from the internal framework that we create with the breast parenchyma. The overlying skin is then gently draped over the breast but no tension is placed on the skin. The combination of these techniques allow for a long-lasting results and for minimal tension on the skin which will also prevent the widening of the scars. (Pat Pazmino, MD, FACS, Miami Plastic Surgeon)

Lasers for breast surgery is a tool, not a procedure!

The Laser Bra Lift is a marketing tool. This surgery uses laser treated skin to support the breast tissue. I’ve used the laser for breast reduction surgery for over 20 years: It is a tool, not a procedure.

The laser treated skin can stretch again. I had great hopes that the laser treated skin could act as an internal bra… but don’t count on it!!. (Denis F. Branson, MD, Syracuse Plastic Surgeon)

Marketing and surgery

There is a lot of direct marketing going on these days. Catchy names for procedures make them sound more appealing. (Think about the most recent liposuction technologies and some branded face lift techniques.)

In the realm of breast reductions, using a laser to deepithelize the skin island is just a variant of the normal technique (I use a knife to do the same thing). But the laser sounds high-tech, is marketable, and cannot be easily infringed as these lasers are expensive (100k+).

The same thing was done a while back for laser Blepharoplasty. I personally don’t think the laser is better for deepithelization in a breast reduction and is possibly detrimental as it instills a burn component to the surgery.

If a surgeon already happens to own one, it does makes sense to use it if there is a marketing advantage. (And it might be faster, depending on how quickly they can deepithelize skin with traditional techniques.)

I’ll admit that I’m guilty of marketing as well, as I try to encourage patients to visit my website and view my before and after photos.

Regarding surgical times: I consider myself a very expeditious surgeon, and can complete most real reductions in 2.5 to 3hrs. Anyone quoting 1 to 1.5hrs of surgical time is using an assistant to do a significant portion of the procedure. (Michael A. Bogdan, MD, FACS, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Laser breast lift

Sounds like a fancy gimmicky way to get patients into the office. Most breast reductions take about 2-3 hours to perform in experienced hands. They are usually done with traditional incisions giving good results. Maybe if it is suggested that it is a limited incision endoscopic Smartlipo fraxel microsurgical laser breast reduction, more patients would come in for surgery! (Steven Wallach, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Many ways to reduce a breast

Many surgeons use a manuveur similar to the Laser Bra lift. It is not a completely different technique but merely tries to use the dermis of the breast tissue to provide some internal support. In order to use the dermis, the epidermis needs to be removed.

Most surgeons, like myself, have used a scalpel to do this. The use of a laser to destroy the epidermis is another method. It has little to do with the pedicle techniques, the skin flap patterns, the placement or quality of scars, or the shaping of the breast in general.

Whether ot not any of this additional internal dermal support is helpful is not clear since the breast skin in reduction is often attenuated and thin to begin with. The Laser Bra is just a concept that has been labeled in an enterprising way.

Of course that does not mean there is anything wrong or not useful, just that it is only a small piece of a complex puzzle for which there are many solutions. Often, it the the surgeon who can customize a procedure to fit your anatomy and desires that will serve you well, not someone who applies the same technique to all comers.

It is especially important to formulate your own specific desires of your outcome and to find a surgeonwho will listen to you. (Robin T.W. Yuan, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

‘Laser Bra’ lift is a marketing ploy

There is nothing unique about a ‘Laser Bra’ lift compared to to traditional breast reduction and breast lift surgery. The laser is used to remove the surface of a portion of the breast skin. This technique is also done with a knife, which is much more cost-effective than a laser. (Scott C. Sattler, MD, FACS, Seattle Plastic Surgeon)