Areola Reduction Before And After

Look at before and after of areola reduction, performed by experienced surgeons. Correction of areolas (areola reduction) consists in changing the size or shape of these very important and delicate structures of the female breast. This surgical intervention requires the highest skill from a plastic surgeon.

After adjusting these parts of the female body in accordance with the canons of beauty, it is also necessary to preserve the sensitivity of the nipples, which is so necessary for the fair sex in communication with a loved one.

Very often, along with correction of areolas, the plastic surgeon has to reduce the nipples. At the same time, the patency of the milk ducts is invariably preserved so that the woman does not lose the opportunity to breast-feed the children.

After giving birth, the breasts changed – the breasts became too large and their nipples increased, and the areoles lost their shape? You correctly think about asking for help from a plastic surgeon: your breasts can be made new!

The size of the areolas affects the entire beauty and shape of the breast, as this is the most noticeable and bright part of the female breast.

And therefore, it is enough to make the reduction of areolas, that would improve its entire shape. Breast Lift is often combined with correction (reduction of areola) by excising excess skin around the areola.

What anesthesia is used for areola reduction?

Correction of nipples and areoles is performed under local anesthesia or sedation (intravenous anesthesia).

How long does areola reduction surgery last?

The duration of this operation is about an hour. During the surgical procedure, the plastic surgeon works in the superficial layers of the skin without touching its deep layers. To avoid the appearance of coarse and noticeable scars.

Very often a special absorbable suture material and fibrin glue are used. After the reduction of areola, the scar remains subtle and unobtrusive.

Of course, to decide on any plastic surgery of the breast is a serious step. But there is a main criterion in the choice of your surgeon. For those who passionately want to have the perfect breast: Entrust yourself to a better plastic surgeon, with a subtle sense of aesthetics.

The final result of a breast lift will appear only after a few months, as soon as the breasts will fall into the correct position. Breast lift is often combined with an areola reduction.

It is possible to reduce the areola under local anesthesia if the volume of excised tissues is not too large. The sutures are applied with a special thin thread, so that the postoperative scar around the areola is not very noticeable

Before And After