Breast Capsulectomy Procedure

Breast Capsulectomy – It is the name given to a surgery procedure for removing the capsules that form around breast implants.

Due to the thickening of the capsules, the implants can distort the appearance of the breasts.

Also the implant can break which is really an issue with thick capsules or ones that contain muscle cells.

The surgery can be done on both of the breasts depending very much on the position of the capsule and the irritation that it s presence causes. It is also known as a full implant capsule removal.

Why do the capsules form?

The natural defense of the body tries to deal with the “alien” objects introduced in it. If you are sick, your immune system tries to fight the bacteria off your body. The same method is used when a foreign material is present.

Capsular Contracture Revision Before After

Silicone implants are used to enlarge the size of a persons breasts but the body sees the implants as something foreign and will create a barrier of scars or ‘capsules’ around the implants. The body believes this will protect you from the implant harming you.

The body uses the same method for other foreign object such as pacemakers, hip replacements and screws and plates for broken bones.

Most of those breasts capsules vary in thickness from breast to breast and from patient to patient. Breast capsules form every time breast implants are used.

Although, most of the time they never really cause a problem sometimes it can happen that the breast capsules can become a problem. In the past breast capsules were a widespread problem but now due to medical and scientifically advances ,they become much rarer.

Correction Of Capsular Contracture On Left Breast

Bacteria and hematoma are other causes for this problem. Also smoking, infection and ‘sub glandular placement of the implant are factors. When it is treated, the capsule is removed and the implant is introduced again into the pocket or is even replaced with a new one.

Breast capsulectomy is an open procedure. The surgeon will cut through the scar tissue, opening the capsule and removing the breast implant, which is better than the old method when surgeons squeezed the implant to break open the scar tissue, as it was very painful and risking implant rupture.

Capsular Contracture

When implants or any other object is placed in the body, the body forms a scar lining to protect you from the foreign material. Capsules and contractures are the most common complications of breast argumentation surgery, and they can happen at any time though they usually seem to be more common in the first several months after surgery.

Before surgery, a pocket is made for the implant. During the healing process, a capsule forms, which is comprised of fibrous tissue. However, the body is made to shrink the scar tissue even though under normal conditions; the pocket remains open, thus allowing the implant to look and feel natural.

Sometimes it happens that the capsule will tighten, and squeeze the implant. This is making the breast implant feel hard and it distorts the appearance of the breast. The implant will become more round in the late stages and appear to look like a ball. Nevertheless, it is very important to know that it is not the implant that has hardened but the shrinking of the capsule that makes the implant feel hard. Once the implant is removed, it is just as soft as it was the day it was inserted.

Capsular Contracture Symptoms and Treatment

Like all surgeries, breast augmentation has risks. Capsular contracture for example can occur when scar tissue forms around the implant, resulting in painful breast stiffness and possible leakage of the fluid inside the implant. Most women fear this complication as it very difficult to predict when it will occur and who will develop it. Around three months after their breast implant surgery, some women begin to experience symptoms of capsular contraction.

Can you decrease the risk of capsular contracture?

Many surgeons believe that if you place your implants under the pectoral muscles it will lower you chances of developing this disease because of the massage the implants gets from the muscles.

There are many ways of decreasing your risk including taking prednisone for two weeks and also it is very good to perform compression exercises in which you squeeze the implant with pressure, thus keeping the capsule flexible and loose.