Breast Reduction And Implants

View before and after photos of breast reduction with and without implants performed by leading plastic surgeons.

A breast reduction with implants is useful in women who have very saggy tissue, especially in women with excessive weight loss. However, most women do well with just a breast reduction, and do not need implants.

Having implants may lead to future surgery. Breast implants can always be added later should you desire more fullness. Many times it is safer to your breast tissue to just do the breast reduction, and save the augmentation with implants for a second surgery. Breast reduction means different things to different people. With modern techniques, however, a lift and a reduction can be very similar on the outside but very different on the inside. In a modern or vertical breast reduction.

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Breast reduction and implants – conflict of interest?

There are rare indications for a combination of a reduction and augmentation of the breast, having said that, the two procedures should never be done at the same time. In simple terms, the expansion and weight of an implant work directly against the contraction of volume and elevation of the breast provided by the reduction.

I can see significant problems with malpositioning, sagging, and poor scar healing as a result of adding an implant to breast reduction surgery. In general, the vast majority of patients (99+% – never say never!) will get a great result from breast reduction (includes the lift) only.

The immediate reduction of neck and back pain and improvement of posture is goal of the breast reduction. The procedure also improves the shape and, in many cases, sensitivity of the breast. Adding implants will, as others have pointed out, increase cost and complications of the procedure.

In the rare case of long term weight loss following breast reduction, there might be an indication to use implants to restore fullness to the upper pole of the breast, but again this would never be done as a primary procedure in addition to the reduction. (Kirk A. Churukian, MD, Los Gatos Plastic Surgeon)

There is rarely, if ever, an indication for both a breast reduction and implants. Adding implants will only increase the cost , the complication rate, and the liklihood of an UNNATURAL look. (John Whitt, MD, Louisville Plastic Surgeon)

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