Breast Reduction Before And After Australia

View before and after photos of patients who have undergone breast reduction surgery with cosmetic surgeons in Australia.

Large breasts often cause incorrect posture, are accompanied by osteochondrosis and deformities of the thoracic spine, almost always on the forelegs there are grooves from the excessive pressure of the bra strap, often there is maceration and intertrigo in the area of the pectoral fold.

The goal of reduction mammoplasty is to create a smaller, tightened chest by excising excess skin and resection of glandular tissue.

Planning and carrying out the operation

When deciding on this kind of surgery, one must understand that there will be postoperative scars, limiting lactation.

For many years surgeons are trying to solve the problems of the operation, trying to inflict as few incisions as possible. But a huge worldwide experience shows that the incision, after which the scar is obtained in the form of an inverted T, gives the best results with expressed ptosis and mammary gland hypertrophy.

What is the duration of the operation?

The operations are performed under anesthesia and last from 2 to 4 hours. Sometimes operations are supplemented with liposuction of the axillary region.

Features of the postoperative period

Pain syndrome is not very pronounced in the postoperative period. The breast takes the final form 2-6 months after the operation.

What is Ptosis?

The omission of the mammary glands, unfortunately, is a natural process, to which the female breasts are to some extent exposed throughout their life. A sign of ptosis is the omission of the nipple-areolar complex below the level of the submammary fold (with normal breast volume there is an excess of skin). Usually, this happens after feeding the baby due to a decrease in the elasticity of the skin.

Before And After Gallery of Reduction Mammoplasty in Australia: