Breast Reduction Before And After In Melbourne

Here you will find photos before and after breast reduction. These operations were performed by the surgeons of Melbourne. Thus, you can assess the skill of surgeons.

For some, this seems strange, but too large breasts are a real problem for its possessor. In addition to the difficulties in buying underwear, such a chest gives a load on the back.

Too large mammary glands (or gigantomastia) is an inconvenience for many women, but this problem can be solved with the help of plastic surgery. Preoperative medical examination should be carried out especially carefully, since large breasts can be the result of problems with hormones.

With the help of reduction mammoplasty, you can achieve breast reduction, raise and tighten the skin while maintaining symmetry.

The most common technique is the “anchor” incision, sometimes surgeons use the vertical technique of the operation.

Such surgery is performed under anesthesia and takes 1-3 hours. During rehabilitation, special underwear should be worn to support tonus and symmetry. Usually the return from the clinic is carried out on the 2-3 day, the seams are removed for 10-14 days.

Reduction Mammoplasty Gallery in Melbourne: