Breast Reduction Before And After Scars

View successful before & after photos of breast reduction scars from real patients, which have been treated by best plastic surgeons.

Breast reduction scars may be optimized with an excellent surgical technique, but your genetics are still very important in determining your outcome.

Any breast reduction technique will result in visible breast scarring – you’re exchanging a much improved breast shape and size with improved biomechanical functionality for a new set of breast scars – most patients are delighted with this ‘trade’.

With any surgical procedure, including breast reduction and or/lift, there will be scarring.

However, through minimal or short scarring techniques (such as the vertical or lollipop technique) scarring can be reduced. Also, following a post op scar treatment plan eg compressive silicone gel and/or laser scar reduction will help reduce scar visibility.

They won’t go away entirely, and this is the trade off with having smaller, perkier breasts. How well your scars heal will be individual; if you are prone to keloid scarring, you should discuss this with your PS.

After surgery, scars are quite red but will fade over time to become pale, refined incision lines. This can take 12-18 months. Surgeons rarely use the inverted T or anchor technique anymore (selected cases), even for quite large cases (FF-GG).

Women experience such relief after breast reduction surgery, especially where their breasts are quite heavy and may be causing them shoulder/back pain, and where they feel self conscious about their size, that the scars become much less important to them after surgery.

Patients have also reported more confidence in their looks because their breasts match their overall body shape. Finding a board certified PS in your area who specialises in breast surgery, and with whom you feel most comfortable, and discuss this procedure as well as scarring concerns with him/her.