Breast Reduction Gone Wrong

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Among the surgeons there is a proverb, according to which there are only two types of surgeons, in the work of which there are no complications: some do not operate at all, and others cheat.

Your plastic surgeon should inform you in detail about possible complications and their signs so that you can recognize them in time and act accordingly in order to prevent the onset of negative consequences.

The following are briefly described the main complications that may occur after breast reduction.

Postoperative swelling

After carrying out breast reduction, postoperative swelling (including asymmetric swelling) is allowed. It may be accompanied by minor bleeding. In addition, some sealing is allowed after the operation. The consequences of these changes are eliminated within the first weeks after the operation.

Bad Scarring


During the operation, a wound appears on a large surface. Therefore, it is very important to stop bleeding properly. Due to the contraction of blood vessels and the installation of drainage, significant hemorrhages in patients without bleeding disorders occur rarely. Small hematomas eliminate the body itself, large require surgical intervention.


As a rule, it can be prevented by timely stopping of bleeding and contraction of blood vessels. What has been said about hemorrhages is also relevant here. If the drainage is prematurely removed after breast reduction, the connected vessels can disperse and begin to bleed again.

Violations of the process of scarring after breast reduction

The so-called hypertrophic scars (or in the worst case, keloids) can sometimes occur in people with a corresponding hereditary disorder. They are more or less amenable to treatment with the help of special ointments and if necessary injections of cortisone. In the presence of violations of scarring, depending on the degree of severity, serious consideration should be given to the possibility of breast reduction.



The risk of infections can be reduced by observing sterile working conditions and antibiotic prophylaxis. This is especially important when cysts are found during surgery.


At both ends of the horizontal surface of the incision there is excess of the skin. The more significant the results of the examination, the greater the area of intervention with a decrease in the breast and the more there may be excess of the skin.

Because of its similarity with dog ears, it was called Dog-Ears. Its cutting takes place within the framework of breast reduction in order to avoid excessive scarring.

Thanks to certain techniques of suturing it can be reduced. It is expected that within 3-6 months it will decrease, and then it will not be noticeable at all. If the expected reduction effect is not achieved, a minor correction with local anesthesia can be performed.

Skin sensation in the nipple area after breast reduction

Necrosis Of Adipose Tissue

After breast reduction is expected deterioration of the sense of touch or numbness in the nipples, as most of the suitable cutaneous nerve is cut. However, many patients after surgery have a surprisingly good skin feeling. After the operation, complete numbness may occur, especially when the nipple needs to be raised more than 10 cm.

“Woe is a corner”

As with a breast lift, as well as a tummy tuck, with a breast reduction, a so-called. “Woe corner”. This is the place in the chest fold where a vertical and horizontal incision occurs with a reduction in the breast by means of a T-shaped incision.

Here the blood supply is difficult for the reason that three scraps of skin are superimposed on each other, and the seam feels more tension. For this reason, the wound healing process is more frequent in this place.

In addition, the scar can become wider than in other areas of the seam. After 6 months, a minor correction of the scar with local anesthesia can be made, provided that the scar has already formed.

Rupture Of A Wound

Rupture of a wound / seam

If the tension and mobility of the chest are excessive, the seam can be exposed to excessive stresses and tear. Therefore, especially in the first week after carrying out breast reduction, you should take care of yourself. In particular, for several weeks, hand movements should be avoided at a level above the head.

Necrosis of adipose tissue


In heavy smokers, as well as in women with a significant breast size, a breach of the blood supply of the nipples can occur especially often. In this case, the parts of the nipple or the entire nipple may die off completely. Of course, during the operation, the condition of the blood supply should be evaluated.

If it is deficient, you should weigh the possibility of transplanting the nipple or changing its height. In most cases, the adhesion occurs safely. Skin feeling in this case is completely broken, becauce nipples remain insensitive. In order not to cause additional damage to the blood supply, before breast reduction and after it should abandon cigarettes.

Bleeding = Seroma

Bleeding After Male Breast Reduction

When carrying out breast reduction, wounds with a relatively large surface area arise, depending on the individual characteristics, the liquid may flow out.

In most cases, we are not talking about significant changes. Sometimes small or medium-sized seromas may appear, which eventually disappear themselves. Significant bleeding sometimes be punctured by means of the cannula.

Unsatisfactory cosmetic result

During the consultation, in order to avoid disappointment, it is necessary to coordinate the patient’s expectations and the possible outcome of the operation.

If there is asymmetry, unfavorable development of the scar, it is possible to provide assistance through correction surgery. Thrombosis and embolism after breast reduction

Prevention of thrombosis through the use of heparin and a medical compression stocking is recommended. The risk of anesthesia has not been addressed here.

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