Breast Reduction Size D To C – Reviews Of Surgeons

Performing a small breast reduction from a “D” cup to a “C” cup is very possible. You should discuss your concerns with your doctor when you have your consultation. (Steven Wallach, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

Breast reduction from a D to a C cup sounds reasonable

It is typically quite possible to go from a D to a C cup. You can expect to have smaller, lifted, perkier breasts after this outpatient surgery (you go home the same day).

Recovery is typically not difficult, and women who have breast reductions done are some of the happiest in my practice. (Carmen Kavali, MD, Atlanta Plastic Surgeon)

Breast reduction may be possible, but you cannot always choose how small you can go.

It has to do with the technical aspects of reducing the breast such as to preserve feeling and healing potential.

Bust Reduction Can Enhance A Woman’s Overall Appearance

After your surgeon examines you he or she can help fine tune your expectations better. (John P. Di Saia, MD, Orange Plastic Surgeon)

Going down approximately one cup size might be able to be done with simple liposuction although there is less control of shape.

Depending how much of your concern is size/weight and how much is shape, treatment options will differ.

In general, the more shaping you want, the more scars you will require. Also, you have to consider that going down one cup size may or may not affect your pain and discomfort.

Be sure you have clear goals on what you want to accomplish. (Robin T.W. Yuan, MD, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

Small reductions are possible

Making The Breasts More Proportional To The Rest Of The Body

There is no standard size for a bra, so it is possible you are bigger than a D and will end up around a C. Small reductions can help you with your issues, although no plastic surgeon can promise you that the shoulder back and neck pains will go away.

The goal will be to have you look better and feel better about yourself and body. (William B. Rosenblatt, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon)

A C cup is a reasonable expectation for breast reduction

Going from a D to a C cup is usually possible with a very nice aesthetic result. Often times insurance will also pay for the procedure, depending on your insurance and the amount of tissue to be removed. (Robert M. Jensen, MD, Medford Plastic Surgeon)

Breast reduction techniques and results vary a lot. So find a board certified plastic surgeon, and ask to see lots of before and after pictures. You will have some scars of course, but they fade. You probably will need a “lollypop” scar. (George J. Beraka, MD (retired), Manhattan Plastic Surgeon)

Oversized Breasts

Go for the results not the number.

This can be achieved and generally should represent a reduction of breasts by an average of 200-300.

However, the difficulty is that not all bra cups are designed by the same standards and I would not be fixated on the absolute cup size but by the improvement achieved.

Bra designers are not unlike dress designers and their cups may vary tremendously from one designer to another. (Otto Joseph Placik, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgeon)

There are no standard bra sizes and I never promise or predict the outcome based on cup size. Estimates can certainly be given, however. I use patients size request as a guideline of the amount of reduction that would be necessary.

A modest reduction can be performed for you. (Michael S. Beckenstein, MD, Birmingham Plastic Surgeon)

Women With Very Large Or Sagging Breasts

A certain cup size cannot be guaranteed as the bra manufacturers are not standardized in their cup sizing. The breasts will be reduced in size and generally made much more proportional for your body frame.

The associated symptoms will be reduced or alleviated and you will appear to have lost more weight than actually removed. It is a great operation with few risks. It may even be covered by your insurance company. (Brian J. Lee, MD, Fort Wayne Plastic Surgeon)

It is possible, but no plastic surgeon will commit 100% to a cup size as it varies according to many variables. The goal is to acheive a symmetric breast reduction. Your surgeon will show you the proper position of the nipple/areola as well the excess areas.

In general, it is not unreasonable to expect a C cup. (Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS, Orange County Plastic Surgeon)