FTM Top Surgery Before And After

View before and after photos of chest masculinization surgery patients who have been treated by various surgeons.

Chest Masculinization Surgery is usually the first stage on the way to sex change. Often, taking hormones can slightly change the appearance, but the chest can not be removed by medication.

Chest Masculinization Surgery is carried out under general anesthesia with a minimum number of incisions around the areola.

The procedure is performed either through a periarolar incision (in cases where the breast is small), a peripheral incision (used when the patient has a medium-sized breast) and a vertical incision (when large breasts need to be removed).

The lymphatic system should remain untouched during such operation. Chest Masculinization Surgery, as a rule, takes place before a whole complex of operations, which in the end result in a complete change of sex, carried out on the patient’s genitals.

This reconstructive surgery is designed to reduce the contours of the chest, so that the body of a person visually could not resemble a female silhouette, and the tactile sensations would leave the impression of a strong and muscular male chest.

Chest Masculinization Surgery is performed by a surgeon, by incisions and changing the shape of the mammary gland, in order to provide it with contours the man’s chest.

This operation takes at least 3 hours. It is performed under general anesthesia. Fat cells and excess muscle tissue are removed. Excess skin is also removed. For the formation of the breast in the male type only the required amount of muscles and skin retain. The thorax of the necessary male form and size depends solely on the professionalism of the surgeon.

During chest masculinization surgery, the surgeon sometimes, if indicated by the size and shape of the changeable chest, completely removes the nipples. Then the removed nipples are implanted back.

As with other surgical interventions, drainage tubes are installed in the sections to remove blood, syphilis, and lymph fluid from the wound. A few days later they are removed, and then the stitches are also removed – approximately on the seventh day after the operation.

It is necessary to wear a compression bandage to prevent swelling and stagnation of subcutaneous fluid after surgery during recovery. Compression postoperative underwear provides an early engraftment of skin and muscle tissue in a new place.

Chest Masculinization Surgery Before And After: