Gynaecomastia Before And After

See before and after photos for gynaecomastia surgery performed by leading plastic surgeons.

Male breast reduction or the treatment of gynaecomastia is not something that is medically necessary.

However, most men are bothered by the feminine shape of their chest. This makes them uncomfortable taking their shirts off, going to the beach or participating in sports and being in locker rooms.

For these reasons and others, many chose to have their gynaecomastia treated.

Surgery is the only effective treatment for gynaecomastia. Often, this involves a combination of liposuction and excision or removal of the breast gland tissue.

It is a relatively short procedure with a gentle recovery and excellent results. This procedure accounts for some of our happiest patients.

You don’t need to have this procedure but if you’re thinking about it, then probably this is bothering you.

It is worthwhile to have a consultation and speak with a board certified plastic surgeon about your options and potential outcomes.

Gynaecomastia is a nodule of very firm, sometimes tender breast tissue just underneath the nipple complex. It is generally too dense to liposuction, but can be removed using a small incision around the areola.

More commonly there are men with excess fatty tissue in their breast area. If the skin is in good condition, and without stretch marks, liposuction can be a very good option.

In those patients who have a great deal of extra skin, or large areolae, a standard breast reduction procedure may need to be undertaken for the most complete result.

Many men have contour issues of the chest and are learning that there are good surgical options available.

The procedure to remove fatty and fibrous tissue usually includes liposuction and may also include a small incision to remove the fibrous tissue.

The final conour depends on the amount removed and how well the skin retracts.

Most men who get breast reduction are bothered by the appearance of their chest with or without their shirt on.

Look at before and after pictures of male breast reduction in order to get a better idea if you are also a candidate for male breast reduction.

PreOp and PostOp Photos: