Gynecomastia Surgery Scars

View scar photos of gynecomastia surgery patients who have been treated by various plastic surgeons. Appearance of scars after surgery. Photos of scars. One of the most frequent questions that our patients ask for advice: what are the scars after gynecomastia scar? Beach, bath, football … a man with a naked torso and rough keloid scars should not spoil the appearance.

Principles, under which the scars will be invisible

– Mini access. The incision is made along the lower third of the areola of the nipple.
– An incision is made along the skin-aroel boundary.
– Using a synthetic thread Prolen, which has a smooth surface, the material is a fishing line. Inflammatory reactions are excluded.
– Use of collagen gel in the early postoperative period.

Does Gynecomastia Surgery Leave Scars

Intradermal or nodular seams?

There is a widespread opinion that with the intradermal suture the scar is formed better and less noticeable than with separate nodular seams on the skin.

Nodal sutures are rarely applied. The distance between them is 3-5 mm. Through them, in the first few days after the operation, drainage of the postoperative wound is carried out. Thus, nothing accumulates inside the cavity and the risk of postoperative hematomas is minimal. Intradermal suture, on the contrary – remains “deaf”, drainage of wound contents is impossible.

10-12 days after the operation, the nodal sutures are removed. This is a painless procedure. After that, the skin heals in a natural way. With the intradermal suture, a self-absorbing thread is used, which is 100-120 days in the tissue until it disappears completely. In our opinion, these scars form longer and can remain dense.

Scar formation is a multifactorial process.

What determines the beauty and invisibility of the scar?

The shape, size and type of the scar depends on the individual characteristics of the person.

In the process of formation of the scar, such negative factors as inflammation of the suture may interfere, although with gynecomastia this is a very rare phenomenon, since we use a microsurgical line.

Too early physical activity can also have a bad effect on the formation of the scar. Within 1 month after the operation, we recommend to limit physical activity, so as not to shift the layers of the skin and not to break the scarring process.

The age of the patient also plays an important role in the formation of scars. The fact is that the formation of scars occurs due to connective tissue, which is rich in collagen. The more collagen, the more beautiful the scar. Unfortunately, with age, the amount of collagen fibers decreases.

It should be remembered that the final form of the scar is formed 4-6 months after the operation.

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