Large Breast Reduction Before And After Photos

View before and after photos of large breast reduction performed by various cosmetic surgeons.

Who is recommended for such an operation?

Patients with too large breasts often complain that it is hard to keep the chest, as well as intense pain in the shoulders and back. A large number of physiological complaints that occur due to too large breasts are often incorrectly evaluated.

Most women who have too large breasts are very worried about their appearance and thus experience serious mental stress. In such cases, surgical breast reduction can help. When reducing or breast lift there is a risk that the operation will prevent the normal sense of the chest, blood circulation and feeding abilities.

How is surgery performed?

Surgical intervention is performed under complete anesthesia. The duration of the operation is approximately three to four hours and is associated with a one-three-day stay in the hospital. Depending on the size and shape of the breast, various operating technologies are used.

We prefer technologies that leave as few scars as possible, that is, the incision is made around the nipple area, in particular, from there vertically to the crease under the breast. At the same time, the skin, glandular bodies and fatty tissues are removed in various amounts.

With a large breast, the excess skin in the crease under the breast is removed by a prolonged incision (the so-called L-incision). The decollete remains free from scars. Drainages are introduced during the operation.

What you should pay attention to after large breast reduction?

After surgery, a supporting bra is selected by the surgeon, which should be worn for three months in the daytime and at night. In addition, heavy lifting should be avoided at this time.

Before And After Pictures: