Liposuction Breast Reduction Before And After

See before and after photos of liposuction breast reduction performed by leading cosmetic surgeons.

Liposuction of mammary glands – an alternative way of breast reduction in women

Large breasts put a lot of problems into a woman’s life, here are a number of them:

– Pain and irritation in the area of the shoulder from tightly strained bra straps;
– Difficulty playing sports;
– It is difficult to find the right clothes;
– Have to wear a wide range of unpleasant clothes.

Today, plastic surgeons, as the main type of breast reduction, first of all offer excision of the breast.

But this surgical intervention has a number of significant drawbacks: it requires general anesthesia, after excision there are scars in the chest area, the postoperative period is long, the risk of complications is high, it is impossible to breast-feed after the operation.

Dr. Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS, Chicago Plastic Surgeon – 33 Year Old Female Treated With Liposuction Breast Reduction

An alternative method of breast reduction is the method of liposuction of mammary glands.

With liposuction breast reduction can be achieved up to 40% of the original size without changing the natural shape. Liposuction of mammary glands under tumescent local anesthesia has several advantages over excision:

  • The operation is performed on an outpatient basis;
  • Rarity of complications;
  • Absence of persistent scars;
  • The procedure removes only fat, preserves the glandular tissue of the mammary glands;
  • “The effect of tightening” the breast and skin after liposuction is preserved;
  • Short postoperative period.

Indications for liposuction breast reduction

Breast Reduction With Liposuction With Doctor

  • Disproportionately large mammary glands;
  • Large mammary glands after surgical reduction;
  • Reduction of excess body weight, not accompanied by a decrease in breast size;
  • Unsymmetrical mammary glands;
  • Unsymmetrical mammary glands after surgical intervention;
  • Contraindications to general anesthesia;
  • The patient’s age exceeds 18 years;
  • The patient’s desire to become pregnant and breast-feed;
  • Refusal of breast reduction by excision;

Contraindications to breast liposuction

1. Absolute:

  • Presence of breast cancer in the anamnesis;
  • Pronounced ptosis of the mammary gland;
  • Unrealistic expectations (there is no exact prediction regarding the amount of fat removed from the breast);
  • Volumetric formation of the mammary gland of unclear etiology;

2. Relative:

  • Presence of breast cancer in a family history;
  • Fibrous-ferruginous structure of mammary glands;
  • The patient’s desire to eliminate ptosis of the breast or change its shape.
  • Method of liposuction of mammary glands under tumescent local anesthesia

Before liposuction breast reduction, in addition to examining the plastic surgeon, it is necessary to conduct laboratory tests, mammography, pre-operative photography.

Gland above the muscle is infiltrated with local anesthesia tumescent solution of 6 punctures, waiting for 30 minutes for maximum effect of the anesthetic. Then, using an anesthetic solution, the gland is re-infiltrated.

The incisions are made laterally and medially along the fold of the breast. From the cannula incisions, fat is firstly extracted from one breast, then from the other. After the operation, a pressure bandage is applied.

The course of the postoperative period

Dr. Sherwood Baxt, MD, Paramus Plastic Surgeon Liposuction Breast Reduction

During the first week after the liposuction of the mammary glands, it is necessary to wear compression underwear, the second – a sports bra. After 2 days after the operation, you can begin to exercise lightly. After 4 months all the seals in the mammary gland disappear.

In a number of patients, the sensitivity near the nipple temporarily decreases, the sensitivity of the mammary glands retains during movements and compression. These sensations disappear in a few weeks at most. Hematomas can develop in the first few hours or days after breast liposuction

A breast lift and a breast reduction are really the same procedure except that with the reduction some tissue is removed “while you are there.”

The idea of using liposuction for breast reduction is to avoid the scars from the lift. However, since nearly all cases need the lift as part of the reduction procedure, there are very few where the lipo technique is viable.

Liposuction can be a great tool to give an improved contour of your flanks and lateral breast after a breast reduction. Our practice often suggests this extra procedure to improve your results.

Breast reduction and axillary fat

A breast reduction is designed to remove excess breast tissue as well as provide a lift. However many women that have large breasts aso have fat that wraps around the breast in the bra-line and up toward the arm pit. This area is not the breast and not addressed with a breast reduction.

If you want this area to have liposuction it needs to be discussed during the consultation and understand there will be a separate charge from the surgeon, anesthesia provider, and surgery center. Usually it will be less expensive to include this as many times insurance will pay for the breast reduction. If it is a self pay procedure, just let the surgeon know your desires and he will address it.

Axillary liposuction can be performed at the same time as a breast reduction for a nice result in the right patient