Male Chest Liposuction Before And After

View before and after photos of male chest liposuction patients who have been treated by US, Canada & Australia plastic surgeons.

Male chest liposuction can produce a significant improvement in breast shape, volume, and skin redundancy. It plays a smaller role in very large male breasts that sag. Results are seen within one week as the swelling from surgery subsides.

Ultrasound and laser assisted liposuction also cause skin shrinkage

Liposuction by any technique will not remove the fibroglandular tissue that can contribute to gynecomastia. If anything, an aggressive removal of all subcutaneous fat will act to hilight the remaining gland centered under the areola.

The abnormally large male breast consists of three main components: excess fat, excess skin, and excess glandular tissue. Some breasts have more or less of these components influencing what needs to be done surgically. There are many types of liposuction techniques.

All are good at removing fat. Ultrasonic and laser lipolysis are believed to be better at skin tightening. However, there have been no scientific studies to prove this. Removal of glandular tissue by lipolysis is more difficult than fat removal and may require direct excision.

If the skin is very loose or there is sagging of the skin, skin tightening may be required.

The best modality for the correction of gynecomastia depends on the quality and the location of the fat on your chest. If the fat is diffuse and not located in just one area, liposuction may be the best option for you.

If you have a small amount of fat and it is located centrally or just below the nipple, a simple excision through an incision around the areola may be the best option.

Will Liposuction Alone Remove male breasts?

If you have only fat contributing to the formation of the male breast, then liposuction alone will be effective. This condition is referred to “pseudo-gynecomastia”. However, very few men have this, in most cases it is a combination of fat and breast tissue.

Some breast tissue should remain for the best contour but if no breast tissue is removed for true gynecomastia you will be very unhappy with the result. By removing fat alone the breast appear even more prominent.

At least 30% of gynecomastia cases are redo surgeries from surgeons who have only removed fat.

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